Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend eating in review

This weekend was especially fun and festive and I saw family and friends. I did not eat the best, but I tried. I know that I made conscious choices to say no to somethings.

For example:

>I worked at Rustica and I only had one danish, nothing else. No cookies or samples or anything. If you went to Rustica you would know this was a feat!

>I attended a lovely bridal shower that actually had a very healthy menu. The host was a former cook for Dayton's Downtown. They served Muddy Paws Cheesecake. I could not resist, it would not have been polite. I only took seconds on one of the salads, so I am proud of that!

> I went to Snuffy's Malt Shop with my parents and only had water. ONLY WATER! I think that is worthy of celebration!

>Husband and I were zonked on Saturday night, so we ordered pizza from Jakeeno's. I ordered a pizza with lots of vegetables, so that helps make it healthier...right?

>I did some walking in the park yesterday and some sleeping. While I was sleeping I didn't eat!

Looking into this week, I hope to get to the gym at least twice, and make my dinners and lunches.

The quest to abandon pop is going ok. I have craved caffeine, but not cherry pepsi.


Anonymous said...

last weekend joanie and i decided eating an ice cream cone instead of lunch is perfectly reasonable, so i'm not sure if you should listen to my comments any more.

mthep said...
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