Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now that I'm a major award winner . . .

I'd better actually post about my heroic feats in the world of personal fitness. First off, I smoked all the other runners by jogging an ENTIRE 220yd lap!!! And that was AFTER a courageous 35 minute power walk. Today for some reason my lungs couldn't make the whole 220, but I did power walk 45 minutes interspersed with four or five 100yd jogs. Can I call that interval training? Then it was into the fitness room for 5lb free weights and upper body stuff.

Laugh if you will, but dragging this 47-year-old-fat body to the gym and making it DO things is not easy. Nor is fighting the urge for a congratulatory large iced mocha afterward. I deserve the Nobel for doing this in the first place.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Miss Iowa Crowned!

She won our hearts in the fitness competition!

Great job running and walking, Happy to Be From Iowa!!

Your prize:

I am proud of you! You inspire me.

And you are not alone...stay tuned for future honorees!

Everyone- please chime in with your feats of strength! I would love some blog partners.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pacled love and voodoo diets

Ah. Monday.

I lurched myself awake and then worked and worked, I enjoyed the sun and had a healthy homemade lunch:

Not my actual dish, but you get the gist.

Basmati rice
green peppers
red pepper flakes
chili powder
shredded chicken
black beans

I cooked them all up in my lobster pot and made 12 prepacked meals for my honey and I. Yum.

The I ate a crappy stale store bought brownie. Oops.

So not worth it.

Did I ever tell you that I once had an obsession with Little Debbie Brownies? I craved them everyday! They were hard to kick because a box of 10 cost like $1.50 and you could also get them at the corner store by my office for 25 cents.

I was embarrassed by my habit, but I let people know about it too. A friend of mine made a Little Debbie Voodoo doll for me, it really did the trick!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I brought my gym bag to work!

Tonight I will scuttle to the gym straight from work for Body Pump.

Check out this rad gym bag! Only $75! Sigh.

I cannot believe how difficult it is to get myself to bring a gym bag to took like, 3 years! 29 years if you count all the years that I did not have a gym membership!

It is pretty lame because the light rail station is 1 block from my gym and totally easy to get to from work. Then it is just a brisk 8 blocks walk home with my friend who teaches the class and lives right by me.

It will be a super frigid walk tonight (it is -3 right now, up from -21!), but so worth it! I really am so pleased with myself when I get to the gym.

A friend who just joined my gym is part of my motivation, plus my other friend who teaches the class. Also, a doctor I see who was all, "Go to the gym straight from work. Seriously."

I went to the gym on Sunday even though I was not feeling 100% due to alcohol choices I made the prior evening. Thanks to a friend who called and invited me along to the gym.

I also went to the gym last night! Nice. Thanks to the same friend!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things not to say outloud at the gym

Things Not to Say Out loud at the Gym:

by Renee D from The Shoebox Blog

* “Geez, that door is heavy.”
* “Great! A vending machine!”
* “I only come here for the whirlpool.”
* “Move it, Tons O ‘ Fun.”
* “I can’t wait ’til March so I can quit coming here.”