Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Heavy Hit

So I know I am out of shape and that I need to make better choices for my body...that is why I am here, right?

Well, I honestly do not obsess about my body type, except my struggle to find decent tops to wear. I do not get down about my body and I do not stress about my diet (hence why I feel I need support to improve it!).

Today I was at the doctor and the physician called me "heavy".

First I was furious, and thought, "Oh no you didn't!"

Then I was sad and discouraged:

I feel hopeless and humongous.

That kind of honest and direct acknowledgment of my body type makes me feel so hopeless that all I want is:

It does not make me want to:


starshrine said...

Man, some doctors have the social skills of buzzards.

I think you're great Missy - every bit of you! Hang in there!

Missy said...

Oh thanks S. You are right in all respects! Thanks for the kind praise, it means a lot coming from such a wise and caring person!