Monday, August 18, 2008

Product review: Healthy Choice Paninis

Now I am not a big fan of microwave food, but in an effort to control my portions and my budget, I decided to try a couple Healthy Choice products.

I bought two flavors of the Healthy Choice Paninis, they were both great. I tried the Smoked BBQ Chicken and Smokehouse Apple and Chicken.

With a skeptical attitude, I followed the instructions to cook the panini. It looks like this when you cook it:

Then you squish the two sides together and enjoy.

They only cost $2.30 each on sale at SuperTarget. That is less than any sandwich that I could buy on campus and they were easy to grab and go in the morning. (Making my own lunch is a whole 'nother battle to win.)

They are about the size of a sandwich that I would make at home. They took 2.5 minutes to cook, fast!

I found them to be flavorful and satisfying. I had some yogurt as a snack later in the day after one of them, so I guess they did not pull me through until dinner. They cooked well; they were not soggy at all and the bread did not get all tough.

They have about 310 calories, 40 calories from fat. They use 6 weight watchers points. They have about 25% of your daily sodium, which is a drag, but again if I did not have one to eat today I probably would have bought a sandwich with more sodium.

My husband really likes some of the microwave meals, so I will have to try those next. Or maybe he can write a review?

Also, I found this site with other "diet food" reviews. called I ate a pie. Sounds like something I would do if no one was watching! They reviewed a third flavor of these sandwiches, which I did not try.

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Anonymous said...

I am a fan of those Paninis as well. I keep them in our freezer at the lab.