Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eat this not that!

I saw this book at Kinko's the other day:

You can see inside some of the book on Amazon.

I enjoyed flipping through the book because it basically breaks down how to eat at fast food chain restaurants and save some calories.

It is not a diet book, it is just a book saying "Actually, a plain hamburger has less fat than an overloaded grilled chicken sandwich, so consider that when you eat fast food."

What is great about the book is it has lots of pictures and fun facts and tips. Very visually stimulating.

The other thing that is great about the book is it is realistic: most of us eat fast food or go to a chain coffee shop sometimes, so we might as well learn how to order somewhat better.

The sad thing is, the cover of the book shows that a Whopper from Burger King has more fat than a Big Mac, so of course I craved a Whopper for the rest of the day!



Anonymous said...

I don't eat fast food! Do most people really eat fast food a lot? Once in a blue moon I'll have a Harvey's veggie burger, but that's as close as I get. I like real food and I like to cook. This book makes me a little sad

Missy said...

I can see how the book is sad. I can also see that some people are a long way off from fueling their body in a healthy way. I suppose if something like this books gets people thinking more about their choices then that is good.