Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting there first

I went to the YWCA last night with Todd. He was my only witness this time.

I am still ramping up the intensity of my workouts. I am mostly focusing on actually getting to the gym on a regular basis first.

Todd is encouraging me to keep a better record of what exercise I complete, as well as my heart rate and whatever-the-hell-else one is supposed to do to be a hardcore, productive gym goer.

He learned a lot, and found success in following methods in this book:

Right now I am totally overwhelmed by this sort of organized workout. I am not opposed to it; it just makes me want to run and hide in my bed is all. Give me time, I will come around.

Do you track bio-markers when you work out? Have you followed any useful exercise guides?

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Nicole said...

Two words..."Body Pump"