Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wish I had thought about this when I was at the gym.

I keep saving images and ideas and forgetting to save the actual link,
I owe someone credit for this piece.

My partner took me to the gym the other night and my heart just was not in it, I ended up walking for about 15 minutes, "stretching", and then sitting around. I also wandered and looked at bulletin boards and artwork pensively.

I had too much on my mind and I found that walking, which is my favorite exercise and the start to my routine, just was not distracting me or making me feel good. I just kept thinking more and sort of feeling like my thoughts would knock me over.

I got yer link right here!

I have never felt that way before. I did not turn to my Todd for help because I was glad he was busy exercising and I did not want to interupt.

Aside: Todd
hit the top of the cardio heart rate on the elliptical for the first time since this summer. This is a big deal for him! Snaps to Todd!

Todd has been working out 3 times a week with cardiac rehab staff since August and he is now on his own. I am very proud of him.

My goal is to get back to the gym this week and to "fake it until [I] make it", as a mentor once preached to me. If my thoughts overcome me, I will just walk slower or go and do some weight machines, or perhaps some actual stretches and deep breathing.

Meanwhile, my daily weighing for the study is going well. I do not enjoy it, but I do it and the cat helps me remember.

"Meeeeweigh yourself and give me a treat oooow!"

Last week and this week my weight has barely moved. It is down but stable, I am not sure why. I guess I have plateaued, but I really have not done a decent job of controlling my diet quality and I have not exercised that much.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Work Workout

Yesterday I did not go to the gym with my partner. He tried to get me to go, but I knew I was too tired and had too much work to do by today.

Slight dramatization. I am much more pale with fair colored hair. Plus, I am female.

I know, it is a terrible thing to put work before exercise and wellness, but it really was a time to work late with good reason. Trying to work less and take more time for myself could be a whole different blog!

I wish I could do more exercising while I worked!

Well, not exactly.

Standing and moving around at work is always nice; stretching at your desk while on a conference call, taking the stairs, and walking to the furthest bathroom or copy machine to get a few more steps in- depending on your needs.

A standing height desk (or adjustable desk) would be great! There are several benefits that have been found by those who choose this option, including better back health and feeling more alert.

Look at how fit and content she is, plus her desk is so organized!
I would keep my Dansko's over heels though and that cord is a safety hazard!

I have long considered a balance ball chair for better posture and constant core strengthening.

NO! Not that kind of ball chair!

This Kind:

This is NOT how I would use it, I mean, how can she read her emails from that angle?

I tend to wiggle my legs around and get restless as a rule, so a structure balance ball chair might help me use that excess energy to my benefit. I wish I could test one for a week before committing to it though.

Now this is the stuff! And her desk is neat and organized too!

Maybe when the network is down I could use the chair for some stretched while I make phone calls?

Well, let's not get carried away...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My Health Coach just called for my monthly check in.

Admittedly, I signed up for this benefit for the opportunity for $$ if I complied. I am chatty, I like to answer questions, why not?

I am looking great! Beautiful posture and winning smile!

Well, I guess I am a sucker because I have long passed the required number of calls and I keep on trucking with my health coach. I always forget her name, but she lives in Ohio and is nice.

She has been very supportive of me and has given me credit (or slack) for the big stress in my life since May. I have listened to her and appreciated her rah-rah-rah attitude.

Last month she encouraged me to really minimize my goal for November. She talked me into making a goal of going to the gym or playing Wii intensely once per week. I was also supposed to do some mental health work.

The overachiever in me thought that was pretty lame, but I humored her.

I actually am taking Spanish and sort of polishing off my French.

She just called to check in with me and I blew that goal out of the water and I feel AWESOME!!

I went to the gym about 3 times a week and did several mental health care activities.

She is so smart. Set the bar low and feel amazing and motivated!

Off to sign up for fencing and physics classes now...