Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stress and Special Occassion Eating

Today has been a stressful day so far, and I have some stress planned for this evening too. Tonight I am giving a talk for my Master's project, so it is stressful but an exciting night for closure on this part of my life.

Right now I just want a BBQ chicken burrito from Burrito Loco or perhaps a heavy salad from an area unhealthy salad with comforting ranch dressing and hard boiled eggs.

Stress Eating!

Look at her, she is not even enjoying her stress eating! She is just adding guilt to her stress!

But I want to make a better choice!

So does this guy!

I just found this little article that talks about chemicals in the brain that contribute to craving comfort food at times of stress. It is nice to be able to blame chemistry, but I know it is not a good longterm plan.

Here are some tips for curbing stress-inspired eating:

Curbing Your Appetite for Stress-Inspired Eating

Similar, but a different format

Good tips for special occasions and stress!:

  • Take small portions of your favorites.
  • Eat slowly and savor the taste. Experience the food; don't just go for the quantity.
  • If you're headed for the buffet table, go to the table once and then stay away.
  • At buffets, survey the entire spread before making your selection. Discriminate. If you have chip and dips all the time at home, pass it up and go for the more interesting salmon roll.
  • If you drink, limit alcoholic beverages, which are high in calories. The guidelines are no more than one drink a day for women, two drinks a day for men. Have something nonalcoholic first, so you don't reach for an alcoholic beverage when you're thirsty. Or, try a refreshing alternative to alcohol, such as club soda with lime or cranberry juice with seltzer.
  • Don't arrive at parties hungry, and don't skip meals before parties.
  • If you are the host or hostess of a party, provide foods that are healthy, not just fat-laden, to-die-for dishes.
  • Step up your exercise to burn off some calories.
I suppose what I may do right now is walk to a food location not near the burrito place or the salad bar and see if I can't modify my cravings to something else. In the very least I will get some walking in!

How do you try to manage stress eating??


In case you wondered, I ended up getting a grilled chicken salad at Chik-Fil-A with fat free honey mustard dressing. I also got some key lime pie Whips yogurt.

Writing about my stress eating moment really helped me account for my actions. Thanks for reading!


Mnmom said...

Sounds like you are craving protein!! Have a chicken caesar salad but put the dressing in a cup and just dip the tines of your fork into it. That's an old Weight Watcher's trick.

Missy said...

Very good tip! I have been trying to drink a lot of water, I think that is a weight watchers tip too. I remember a waterlogged friend who was on weight watchers.