Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good question, Jon!

From GarfieldminusGarfield:

This made me smile for two reasons:

It made me smile because somehow I can relate to this more than a perky diet product commercial asking/telling me the same thing. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in struggling with my weight.

Also, it makes me smile because I get a little defensive. I know that I do not need to let myself be down and frustrated. I can cherish that I am doing the best I can with what I've got and I have plenty of potential to be more active and get those endorphins flowing!

Like MNMom said, I can enjoy long walks in my neighborhood or with my loved ones. I can experiment with new foods and fun new gym clothes.

There is a lot of potential and progress going on here, no need to be down.

As I try to make healthier choices day to day, like choosing a walk around the park over reading another chapter in my book or choosing to walk to the next bus stop for some extra steps instead of sitting on a bench, I keep thinking of an inspirational book by Thich Nhat Hanh that I read and re-read.

Peace is Every Step is a short and very approachable introduction to the idea of meditation and mindfulness in everyday life. Hanh discusses potential for brief meditative moments in things we do everyday, like relishing in the extra moments of time we have to ourselves while we wait at a stoplight instead of stressing out about missing the green light. My favorite is his idea to remember how fun it is to play in the water and enjoy a warm bath while we wash the dishes. Washing dishes is a chore, but bubbles are fun! Right?

Anyway, I suggest you read the book for a better idea, it is really thought provoking, even for a cynic like me.

I try to think this way about my choices with food and exercise day to day. My friends and my husband have been helping, which I truly value.

For example, will sitting and watching re-runs of Law & Order really make me feel as good a quick trip to the gym? Even a teeny tiny trip to the gym? That trip to the gym may not change my life, but I am always pretty proud of myself when I actually go to the gym!!

Also, when I stress about eating naughty foods, I can remind myself that I can balance that naughty food with some exercise (and if I don't think the naughty food is worth jogging then it is easier to turn down the naughty food! Ha!).

I am going to keep trying being more mindful of my choices.

The best part is, the more mindful you are about something the more of a habit that thinking becomes. suddenly you are mindful without even trying!

I hope this isn't too stream of consciousness; I wonder what you are thinking or if this gets you thinking?

Who knew Jon Arbuckle could be so thought provoking!?!?

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