Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Work to eat, eat to live, live to bike, bike to work!

Ok, so I think this is a fantastic mantra, but I do not follow it. I ride the bus.

Some great friends of mine and thousands of other Minneapolis commuters and commuters all over the world do though!

Here's a hip hip hooray for my friends, who not only bike to work, but keep encouraging ME to join them!(Postcard I have hanging in my desk from Todd, by beloved local artist Adam Turman.)

I have a bike and I am very close to having the nerve to bike to work. I am mostly afraid of biking on busy streets and being very smelly.

There is safety in numbers though, right? Right!?!?

PS: I have been walking and I went to the gym last night, so I have that going for me.


mthep said...

i just started following these peoples on twitter; http://www.bikewalktwincities.org/

looks like they have a maps tab that might be helpful to figure out a way to bike to campus and avoid some of the busy streets!

Fickle Cattle said...

That title is win.

I am Fickle Cattle.