Monday, September 22, 2008

Two wheeled loan and a promise

My friend K was generous enough to let me borrow his bicycle while he and C are in India for a month.I am so excited! You see, the bike I own needs pricey repairs and I had been hemming and hawing about investing in a bike that I may or may not ride 8 blocks the gym year round.

Eight blocks is not far (though it can be VERY far when the temps are low and the snow is flying), but I do not always have access to a car and my neighborhood is not a safe place to walk alone after dark. Unfortunatly is not exactly a safe place to bike either. (The incident in the link took place 1.5 blocks from my house, and right on the route to the gym.)

Anyway! I am going to try getting into the habit of riding K's bike to the gym. I promised him I would, and since K is a wonderful person, I aim to keep that promise.

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