Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Research Kharma, or Facing the Scale for the Benefit of All

As you may have read before, I am not a fan of weighing myself or knowing the actual mass measurement associated with my body. I know I need to lose mass. For my health, and because I cannot afford to buy new clothes! (Ha!)

I am scared of the reality in spite of my intelligence.

When I was younger, I my pants got a little tight once a month, but I always went back down. Then suddenly that changed and I have yet to successfully change my behavior to match my body's needs.

Well, as you may have read before, my friend researches obesity behavior. She has published works (which I have ignored despite my respect for her) that show there is evidence that daily weigh-ins are correlated with people successfully losing weight.

This woman is not my friend and with that attitude she may never be my friend.

Tonight I embark on my second stint in a weight loss research study, this time I will have to weigh myself how ever many times my random selected study group protocol tells me.

Fancy space scale.

I am doing this for participants in studies I recruited for in my years of work in research.
I am doing this for myself.
I will commit to it for my friend! I do not want to botch her study results with poor participation. Plus I get anxious about breaking rules!

I have been eating better, now I will weigh in, and hopefully exercise more from the terror on the scale!

And let me tell you, telling a friend your weight honestly is pretty humbling in itself. My friend was professional and kind. Thanks, friend!


mthep said...

your scale picture captions are funny :)

i still like the idea of that scale you found on etsy (?) a while back - where it lists celebrities instead of numbers? don't suppose you could give your weight in "gwenyth paltrows" for that research study...

Missy said...

I will run the celebrity scale by Jennifer! Nicole bought me one. Todd weighs "Chuck Norris".

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are too kind! Thanks for the good PR about my work. As you probably know, I am all about the research karma -- I am a sucker for a survey: mailed, telephone, or otherwise. I once even did a street survey when I was in Madison WI, even though I don't live there.

Good luck, and have fun! And remember, all data are confidential.

(but don't use the celebrity scale.....though that IS funny!!)