Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zesty! (?) Santa Fe Style Chicken es así así.

Not the soup in question.

I just ate a can of Progresso (see website for $3 coupon) "Zesty! Santa Fe Style Chicken" soup. It was so-so.

First off, I thought it was filling enough, especially for 2 Weight Watchers points (thanks to the can and commercial partnership for that info!). It has 1 point per serving and 2 servings per can. How could anyone make it through the afternoon on 1 point?!?!? I would be hungry if I did not eat it all.

First.2, I am not certain that this is a low sodium soup, it has 28% of your daily sodium. That is still sort of high, right?

Second, there is not nearly as much stuff in the soup as the picture on the can shows or even the above picture shows. I enjoy Progresso soups and have found them hearty, but apparently hearty takes up too many points. Are black beans a lot of points? Or cooked celery?

This soup was seriously 96% liquid and 4% stuff. OK, maybe 86% liquid and 14% stuff, but either way I have had mojitos with more stuff in them.

Third, I am practically considering a false advertisement or unnecessary punctuation claim on the exaggerated use of the term "Zesty!" on the can. It is in a sassy, red font with an exclamation point, but this Minnesota girl had bored taste buds. There is Spanish on the label and I feel like it should say "Gringo Caliente" instead of "Caliente" to warn people more used to foods with true spice and zest. This soup is as zesty as chicken broth is hearty.

(I really should get a red pepper shaker for my office, this could be a personal problem.)

In conclusion, I have had worse canned soups, I have had better canned soups, and if you want to keep some "Light" soup around for when you forget your lunch this soup is OK. I am left again thinking, "If I got my act together, I could make something similar, with less salt and more stuff."

(I could make this...another recurring theme, I should read my own blog and these books.)

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mthep said...

the cat picture is fantastic. i hope to feel that way at thanksgiving this weekend. i will try to keep my head out of the mash potatoes.