Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Product Review: Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken

Thanks go out to MtheP for recommending this frozen dish to me.

I enjoyed this dish very much. The lemongrass flavor is strong and satisfying. The coconut could have been ramped up a bit, but I am still loving it. As proof, I can honestly say that I could not wait until I was done eating it to tell you about it!

Being me, I would probably sprinkle some red pepper flakes on to make it spicy! Yum. If you do not like spicy, then you will be fine with this dish.

It is a hearty and grainy dish; it seems filling and mostly healthy. I love that it does not have cheese on it...I know Asian inspired food does not usually have cheese, but so many frozen foods do. I am do not miss cheese when it is not there, so I do not eat it much since it is sorta bad for you.

I was impressed with the amount of goods in the bowl. This is what it looked like:

So thumbs up to this frozen dish. It will be nice to add to my arsenal of frozen foods to help me overcome my eating out for lunch problem. It also adds to the growing Kashi addiction problem at our house. Buy some Kashi stock because Todd and I are keeping that company sailing!

Oh, the cost. That is kind of a drag, it was like $3.39. Still cheaper than eating out, but medium to high in the world of frozen meal costs.

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mthep said...

i'm glad you liked it! props to target for giving out free samples of it on "kashi day" about a month ago. i never would have tried it otherwise.

it is also delicious eaten with kashi crackers (like a hearty soup)!