Thursday, October 23, 2008

The magic of the spoken word

On the bus home last night I was exhausted, all I wanted to do was curl up in bed, but I knew I was free to go to the gym- no plans, no illness, just time. I needed to go to the gym, but I did not want to go. I was set to pretend that I forgot all about the gym....

And I would have gotten away with it too, were it not for my bus friend Kevin hoping on the bus.

Kevin is a fitness instructor at my gym and he lives in my neighborhood. My sister recently chaperoned me to a class he teaches called Body Pump. I have been meaning to write about that experience!

We did not have matching outfits in our class.

Kevin sat down and I did what I knew I had to do: I told him that I was plotting to avoid the gym.

Kevin is nice, he knows of my struggle to workout and does not pressure me to get to the gym. He did not pressure me last night.

Even so, I went to the gym because I TOLD Kevin my inner wrestling match and I did not want to look like a lazy and cowardly person by skipping the gym when I had no excuses to stay home. I wanted to do the brave thing, the right thing!

I rode K's bike to the gym and I did my workout, and of course I was so proud of myself.

"Look at me, I go to the gym like it's no big thang!"

Accountability got me to the gym; there was not even peer pressure in this case.

When I got to the gym, I totally forgot to take my blinking bike light off until I was on the elliptical. I probably deserved that, it brought my head back down to Earth!

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Jen said...

Way to go, Missy!