Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The blog People Reading caught a rather buff personal trainer reading this book:

Is it just me or Are Sit-Ups a Waste of Time? by Graeme Hilditch

Apparently he is big in the UK.

Here is a description:

Trying to keep ourselves fit and healthy is a challenge at the best of times. It seems that there is always someone ready to give us a piece of advice on how to exercise, lose weight, or have a more nutritious diet. But how much of what you are told can you believe and how do you know which pieces of advice to take seriously? Every day, top personal trainer Graeme Hilditch is asked just these kind of questions and, in this intriguing and informative book, he uses his extensive expertise in fitness and nutrition to explode some of the most common myths. His explanations are light-hearted and accessible to everyone and his no-nonsense advice will tell you everything you need to know in order to live a fit and healthy life.

Might be something to check out....or not!

Keep moving people! Do it for yourself!


Anonymous said...

I want to know right now if sit-up are a waste of time. I always thought so. It would be fun to get the book and do some posts on what the book says to do and not do. That way we don't all have to get the book and maybe be disappointed

Missy said...

I will see if I can find the book and flip through it at the book store...I am not allowed to buy books right now. Maybe it is at the library?

MAYBE I can get a hold of that buff guy who was caught reading it and have him guest blog!