Friday, September 12, 2008

Hip hop, and ya don't stop!

Guess who accidentally ended up in a Hip Hop Dance class???

C. and I!

We are total hip hoppers now, so step off!

We thought it was going to be hip hop aerobics, but it was straight up dance class. It was pretty hilarious, I felt like such a geek, but I laughed a lot- good for the abs, right?

After hip hop class, we took a Zumba class, that was so fun! There was no pressure to conform, just pressure to shake your moneymaker!
That is MY kind of dancing!

Get this- there was a woman in the class who had a 4 or 5 month old baby in a baby Bjorn shaking her booty. That baby was loving it!

Her little arms and legs were flapping around and she had a HUGE smile on her face, that is...until she fell asleep half way through the class! Too much fun!!


starshrine said...

Zumba sounds fun, never heard of it - google here I come!

Jeanelle and Jason said...

Good luck with the classes! Now that Ben is 6 months old I'm trying to get motivated. No more excuses like "the cat won't have a place to nap" if I use the jog stroller =).