Thursday, January 28, 2010

New friend! Opa!

Several nice friends encouraged me to try Greek yogurt and I trusted them, thankfully!

Meet my new best snack friend:

They sell it at SuperTarget near the normal yogurt; I am sure at other places have it too.

Even a favorite artist, Gary Baseman, sold out to Fage:

I add some Bob's Red Mill 5 Rolled Grain Cereal to mine sometimes. In fact, I JUST did, that is why I had to hurry here to tell you this.

The little snack version comes with a few different sides. I like honey and cherry the best. I also like to add frozen raspberries and blueberries on my own.

Why didn't I bring more to work?

I wish I would use the bigger size with less packaging. I am working on it. I put blueberries in a little to-go cup with some plain and for some reason it was just not the same. It did not taste as good. I have the same problem with regular yogurt. WHY?!? Too much air?

Also, I bought the Stoneyfield Farms variation and I was not as pleased, though not utterly unhappy.

ALSO (!) I have used it in cooking to make healthier sauces. Nice.

Thanks recommenders!


Anonymous said...

I love Greek yogurt! I get the plain stuff and put honey in it, yum.

Debby Newman said...

If I could only eat 3 things for the rest of my life, Fage yogurt would be one of them!