Thursday, October 22, 2009

Psyching myself up for safety!

Ok, I am still making excuses for not getting to the gym. I am disappointed in myself and I am dreading the next call from my health coach.

One excuse I have for avoiding the gym is safety when walking or biking to the gym at night. It is only 7-8 blocks away, odds are nothing will happen, but I get nervous carrying any sort of bag with me or wearing a bulky coat.

I purchased these babies after I told myself I would make them myself for about 5 months:

Wrist Zips!

They have room enough to keep my keys and my gym ID. And I kind of like the fabric pattern; sort of a tribute to the Ska fashioniska I never became.

Sorry, The Specials. I love you but I never bought "the look" and I sold your CDs for a killing before the dawn of MP3s.

Also, I think they could be nice for safety if/when they are not covered by my sweatshirt(s). I need to get some non-black sweatshirts and some safety tape next. Safety tape is expensive!

The wrist zips have not gotten me out to the gym yet, but I have not given up on them!

I have given up on Ska, or out grown it. I will still skank when given the chance!


mthep said...

i think if someone invented a workout video that incorporated the skank, i would buy it and skank all over my living room.

my downstairs neighbor should be thankful that this will probably never happen...

sarah said...

i would do a skank workout for sure!
missy, it is most important to have the gear! let's do a class together sometime.

Missy said...

I wonder if there IS skank workout tape now. Hmmm.

I think my neighbor downstairs would understand.

I would love to do a class together!