Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now that I'm a major award winner . . .

I'd better actually post about my heroic feats in the world of personal fitness. First off, I smoked all the other runners by jogging an ENTIRE 220yd lap!!! And that was AFTER a courageous 35 minute power walk. Today for some reason my lungs couldn't make the whole 220, but I did power walk 45 minutes interspersed with four or five 100yd jogs. Can I call that interval training? Then it was into the fitness room for 5lb free weights and upper body stuff.

Laugh if you will, but dragging this 47-year-old-fat body to the gym and making it DO things is not easy. Nor is fighting the urge for a congratulatory large iced mocha afterward. I deserve the Nobel for doing this in the first place.


Missy said...

Ha! I think that TOTALLY counts as interval training.

You know, I keep meaning to read up on various training techniques but I kind of feel like if I KNOW about them then I can FAIL at doing them!

If I go "freestyle" then I am doing it right, right?


Mnmom said...

Right on! If I have a plan, I will ignore it. I'm better at freestyling too.