Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Out with the numbers

My friend researchers how to get people to lose weight and she has a published met analysis that shows that people who weigh themselves on a regular schedule are more likely to lose weight.

HOWEVER, I purposely do not weight myself because the numbers just make me want to eat ice cream.

So, I have been mentally saving a little money and working on a good justification for a scale like this one:
It has no numbers, only markers and affirmations. The one I wanted is no longer in the etsy shop, it just had no numbers. I really just want to know if I am going up or down, the numbers stress me out.

I am not sure if I can justify spending $95 on a scale I could get at Target for $25 and tinker with myself to hide the numbers.


Here is the scale I wanted, it is available at a different website:

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